Valerie Vann / LTC

Valerie is a Licensed Tax Counsultant in the state of Oregon. She worked for Columbia Turel as a preparer in 1993 and 1994. She became a consultant in 1995 and subsequently the office manager at the Broadway Office at 3010 NE Broadway Portland, Oregon. She left in 1999 to open her own business working out of her home. Her business has grown consistently and considerably due to referrals from her current clients. Valerie tries to provide a comfortable atmosphere making preparing taxes less stressful.


Jan Cleys / LTC, EA

Jan is a Licensed Tax Consultant in Oregon and is also licensed to represent the taxpayer before the Internal Revenue Service. She has been preparing returns for nearly a decade at various accounting and tax offices.The last five years she worked as the Consultant in Residence for Columbia Turel and Fiducial tax offices. Jan works to find every possible deduction that can be legally taken and obtain the highest possible refund for the taxpayer.




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